Archeaological Prague - Prague in the Past

website about the archaeological monument rescue and presentation and up-to-date findings about the Prague topography development in the past

The section presents the selected results of long-term research of the development and transformation of the Prague area. It is aimed at the general public as well as professionals. The section is divided into four parts representing various types of archaeological sources and related archaeological and historical studies. It provides information about the monument rescue, conservation, and presentation (Archaeological Monuments, Vanished Architecture) and presents up-to-date findings about the Prague topography development (Prague in the Past) as well as the objects of the vast collection of small tangible culture which have been gathered for over a hundred years (Tangible Culture).

How are data depicted?

The data in the Prague in the Past section may be displayed as an abstract on the data display page (DATA page) or by graphic symbols referring to the presentation type in map materials (MAP page). The category of monuments within the archaeological monuments section is commonly accompanied with presentations completed with picture and text documentation, geographical coordinates, simple icons characterising the type, date, and/or importance of the monument, and references to additional information sources. The sections Vanished Architecture and Tangible Culture may complete the presentations.

How to search and sort data?

There are several criteria for searching the Prague in the Past section. The data may be interconnected with the place of discovery and specific archaeological research. The selection may be done in both the data and map windows by clicking on a funnel symbol at the relevant layer. A menu opens up to search according to required criteria (esp. chronology, typology, material type, and so on).