Monument care

The section is dedicated to the heritage conservation – what is protected in Prague and how it is presented to the public via the information about the composition and nature of the collection of monuments and the degrees of their protection in the City of Prague. In addition to the general information about the monuments the main focus is on the presentation of values and archaeological monuments. This section data proceed or are directly adopted from the professional databases devised or administered by the National Heritage Institute departments through the map service. First of all, there is basic information about the monuments concentrated in the Catalogue of Monuments, the new system of monument register (the application was launched in 2015) which includes complex information about cultural monuments, national cultural monuments, conservation areas, protective zones, and most recently about other valuable objects related to the monument care. The significant archaeological sites in the Prague Heritage Area present the most-valuable archaeological finds of the City of Prague. They were defined in order to preserve the most valuable sample of the hitherto undamaged city’s underground. The information is completed with depictions of monuments in specialised professional or thematic geoportals. References to up-to-date information about the legislation related to the care for monuments and cultural heritage protection, including international conventions adopted by the Czech Republic, are provided.

What do you find here?

The section seeks to facilitate access to information about the care for monuments and provide qualified decision-making and treatment of cultural heritage especially in the area of archaeological monuments. The section comprises four parts: significant archaeological areas within the Prague Heritage Area, conservation areas, cultural monuments, and historic terrain situation.

The significant archaeological areas in the Prague Heritage Area are defined as localities with exceptionally well preserved archaeological terrain which were picked as the most valuable and require increased care. The local departments of the National Heritage Institute in Prague in cooperation with Prague archaeologists compiled the data which are regularly reviewed by the institute.

The conservation areas and cultural monuments include information about the composition and nature of the City of Prague monuments and the degrees of their protection (type and condition, records, legal acts) adopted from the register of the National Heritage Institute  (

The historic terrain situation within the Prague Heritage Area is portrayed in an aerial map of the surviving terrain which remained despite the accumulation of rock layers deposited by human activity over the years. These are places with the removed archaeological layer (cellars, new house basements, underground transport structures, etc.). The data were compiled and updated throughout the project by the local department of the National Heritage Institute in Prague.

How are data depicted?

The data in the Cultural Monuments and Conservation Areas sections, which are administered by the National Heritage Institute headquarters, may be displayed as an abstract in both map and data displays where the first category is displayed by points (or clusters of points in case of augmented scale) while the second one is displayed aerially. Both types of display enable the viewing of data administered by ISS_APP, i.e. the significant archaeological areas and the archaeological terrain situation. The last part contains no descriptive data except for those about the 1st and 2nd basement floors.

How to search and sort data?

The data may again be searched and sorted in the filtration form both in the data and map windows. The selection is done by clicking on a funnel symbol at the relevant layer. A menu opens up to search according to required criteria.